About the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food

The Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food is an initiative funded by the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford. The Programme links together existing research on the food system at Oxford and supports new interdisciplinary research that addresses the challenges of feeding the global population sustainably, healthily and equitably.

What Will the Programme Do?

The Programme on the Future of Food has four main aims:

  1. To act as a focal point for food system research at the University of Oxford. This website is a key part of this aim, and we hope it will give people inside and outside the University an understanding of what food-related research is going on at Oxford.
  2. To fund and co-ordinate a small number of innovative, interdisciplinary research projects at Oxford that will help find solutions to the challenge of sustainably, healthily and equitably feeding a global population that will most likely peak at 9-10 billion people in the second half of this century.
  3. To facilitate interactions between Oxford researchers (and those at other institutions) with policy makers in government, international organisations, the private sector and the NGO community.
  4. To help build interest in this area amongst Oxford’s undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Oxford Martin School

The Future of Food Programme is part of the Oxford Martin School, an interdisciplinary research initiative at Oxford University that aims to tackle global 21st Century challenges.

Oxford Networks for the Environment (ONE)

Our food research network is part of  the Oxford Networks for the Environment (ONE).

Who we are

The Director of the Programme is Professor Sir Charles Godfray and the Programme Manager is Dr Kelly Reed

To get in touch please email: futureoffood@oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk or go to our contact page.