21CC: Challenges Of Our Century conference

WHAT: Forum on the future with leading minds.
WHEN: 15th Feb 14, Week 4
WHERE: Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

The 21CC: Challenges Of Our Century conference aims to engage the Oxford student community to discuss and debate the most pressing global challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, from the future of economics and humanitarian aid, to food security and pandemics. 

In collaboration with the Oxford Martin School, a world renowned champion of interdisciplinary research, the conference offers Oxford-based students an unmissable opportunity to hear the exchange of ideas between international recognised policy makers, business leaders and leading experts. 


Shifts and Shocks in Economics, What Can We Expect?

PROFESSOR IAN GOLDIN: Director, Oxford Martin School, Former Vice President of the World Bank
PROFESSOR FRANCES STEWART: Leontief Prize recipient, UNDP Mahbub ul Haq Award recipient
PROFESSOR RANA MITTER: Professor of History and Politics of Modern China, Oxford University
DAVID BOWERS: Managing Director, Absolute Strategy Research

Can We End HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria in the 21st Century?

DR MARK DYBUL: Executive Director, The Global Fund 
PROFESSOR ADRIAN HILL: Director, Jenner Institute; Co-Director, Oxford Martin Programme on Vaccines 
PROFESSOR RODNEY PHILLIPS:  Co-Director, Institute of Emerging Infections, Oxford Martin School

Food in a Changing World: can we Feed 10 Billion?

LORD JOHN KREBS: UK Climate Change Committee,
House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee
PROFESSOR LIAM DOLAN: Co-Director Plants for the 21st Century Institute, Oxford Martin School
BEN CALDECOTT: Founder & Director, Stranded Assets Programme, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

The Future of Aid: Protecting Civilians or Supporting War?

DR JANE COCKING OBE: Humanitarian Director, Oxfam
DR HUGO SLIM: Oxford Institute for Ethics Law and Armed Conflict
SOPHIA SWITHERN: Global Humanitarian Assistance Programme Leader, Development Initiatives