Biofuels: a valuable renewable energy source or a driver of food poverty? Where will our lust for energy lead us?

Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable


  • Edward Green, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Green Biologics
  • Ruth Kelly, Economic Policy Advisor at Oxfam
  • Christopher Durham, Economic Advisor at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Clare Wenner, Head of Renewable Transport, Renewable Energy Association

Venue: New Biochemistry, University of Oxford

Date: Friday, November 7th 2012

Time: 6pm - 7.30pm

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What do we need and rely on most? Food and fuel. With no food we simply die and without energy the modern day world cannot function. So how is technology helping us to take on our over-reliance on fossil fuel-derived oil?

Biofuels are produced from organic matter and are currently used across the world. The legislative and socio-economical factors surrounding their production and utilisation are at the forefront of political and media discussion.

On the flip side biofuels reduce our reliance on fast-depleting fossil fuels and help to keep prices in check, they might also help to decrease our carbon footprint. Yet many groups are concerned about the impact of biofuel production on food insecurity for the 1 billion starving people. Or does an alternative scenario present itself where microrganisms can be utilised as a source of biofuel?

Food and fuel prices affect every one of us so have your say on this complex topic. Where should we position ourselves? We have assembled a stellar panel of experts from across the sector, now we need you to fulfill the potential of this discussion.