Botanic Garden Science Lecture Series: The Challenge of Feeding 10 Billion

Speaker: Charles Godfray

Date: 11th November 2013

Time: 19:30 - 21:00

Venue: Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Botanic Garden Entrance, High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AZ

Cost: £8 per talk or £36 for whole series

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By 2050 there will probably be about 10 billion people on earth, a larger proportion of them wealthier than today and demanding a more varied diet. This pressure on the food system will occur at the same time as competition for water, land and other resources increases, and the effects of climate change become increasingly felt. Charles will explore what might be done, focusing on the role of plant science and how best we can protect crops from pests and diseases.

This talk is part of the Botanic Gardens Science Lecture Series.