Green Breakfast: food security and planetary boundaries: a two-way street

Time: 7.30am - 9am

Date: Wednesday 12th November

Location: Blake Morgan, Seacourt Tower, West Way Oxford OX2 0FB

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Speaker: Dr John Ingram, Leader of Oxford’s Food Systems Programme, formerly Executive Officer of the 10-year Global Environmental Change and Food Systems project, and Chair, Royal Society/British Academy “Future Earth” Group

What are Green Breakfasts?

Green Breakfasts are a series of talks held in the spring and autumn of each year. They are organised by, and held at the offices of, Blake Morgan and are intended to provide information and facilitate discussion in an informal environment for those interested or affected by the impact of climate change and climate variability.

They start at 7.30 am for breakfast and coffee, followed by speakers at 8.00 am and wrap up by 9.00 am.

This autumn series of Green Breakfasts will feature four leading international scientists from Oxford University, from a former Director of CERN and the Large Hadron Collider to the Chair of a Royal Society Future Earth group. They will explore the opportunities and challenges of the so-called ‘food-energy-water nexus’ and its increasingly complex interaction with the planet’s ecosystem.

The series is jointly organised by Blake Morgan and AgileOx, a new initiative being launched by Oxford University to promote interaction and enterprise between researchers and local partners around Oxfordshire’s environmental futures.

Welcome to the Anthropocene - with food, energy and water for 8 billion in 10 years

Human ambition, enterprise, ingenuity – and perhaps ignorance - have changed the way the world works. The scale of this achievement is staggering. And there is more to come. A planet that will be providing food, energy and water for 8 billion humans in 10 years will be very different from the one that held just one billion 200 years ago. How we accomplish this will define the legacy of our generation. What are the implications for Oxfordshire and its ambitions to be a leading innovation and enterprise economy? Opinionated commentator - or pioneering exemplar in a living laboratory, delivering jobs, wealth and a desirable place to live?