Green Templeton Lectures 2013: Global Malnutrition: Can We Make A Difference?

Speaker: Professor Jeyakumar Henry, Director, Clinical Nutrition Sciences, Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences; Director, Functional Food Centre, Oxford Brookes University.

Title:  Global Malnutrition: Can We Make A Difference?

 Venue: Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre, St Anne’s College, Woodstock Road, Oxford

Date: Monday 11th February 2013

Time: 6pm

You can now listen to this lecture as a podcast from the GTC website or the University podcast website and you can download the lecture presentation

Global hunger affects nearly a billion people. The five major forms of malnutrition worldwide are: Protein-energy malnutrition, iron, iodine, zinc and vitamin A deficiencies. These deficiencies affect the mental, physical and emotional development of children and adults. They also impact on economic productivity.

Malnutrition has now been recognised as a significant contributor to infant mortality. The observation that malnutrition during pregnancy has a long term impact on the offspring, further reiterates the importance of understanding and preventing the root causes of undernutrition. This lecture will review some of the conventional and unconventional ideas developed to eradicate malnutrition. It will also examine how Britain's leadership role could transform the lives of millions suffering from hunger and disease.

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