Health, Environment and Welfare in a Changing China, Conference 2014

CHEW Conference 2014: Environmental, Health and Welfare Challenges for a Changing China

Date: 30 April 2014

Time: 10:30am – 5 pm

Location: E P Abraham Lecture Theatre, Green Templeton College, Oxford

China’s rapid economic development has dramatically transformed the country’s social and environmental landscape in recent decades. Such changes call for interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative methods of inquiry. This one-day conference will bring together scholars from China, North America and the UK to explore issues affecting the natural environment, public health, and human welfare in China through a variety of theoretical frameworks, research methodologies, and practical experiences.

CHEW (China’s Health, Environment and Welfare) is pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Hathaway, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Simon Fraser University, will be our keynote speaker. His talk, ‘The Emergence of Global Environmentalism in China’ will address how global environmentalism has been reshaping rural China over the past two decades, and how activities in China have, in turn, reshaped what we imagine to be global environmentalism.

We are delighted to provide lunch to our audience!

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10:30 am​ Welcome and introduction

10:45 am​ HEALTH panel

  • Therese Hesketh, University College London, Impact of Demographic Change in China
  • Tara Garnett, The Food Climate Research Network, University of Oxford, ‘Transformations in China’s food system: the implications for nutrition, health and the environment’
  • Anna Lora-Wainwright, University of Oxford (S), Doing anthropology of cancer in rural China.

12:15 pm ​Lunch

1:00 pm​ Keynote Speech:

Michael Hathaway, Simon Fraser University: The Emergence of Global Environmentalism in China

1:30 pm ​ENVIRONMENT panel

  • Sam Geall,, Green movements in China,
  • Lei Zhou, Oriental Danology Institute, Vivideath: Mapping Chinese Rivers on the Wane (S)
  • Guy Leung, King’s College London, A Supply Chain Approach to China’s Natural Gas Transition: Actors and Institutions,

3:00 pm​ Coffee Break

3:30 pm ​WELFARE panel

  • Yi Chengzhi, East China University of Political Science and Law, How Public Service Resources Are Allocated in Metropolitan Rural-urban Fringe Zones
  • Tim Pringle, SOAS, Labour in China: From a ‘moment’ to a movement?
  • Daniel Morley:  The Chinese working class in revolution from 1911 to today

5:00 pm ​Concluding Remarks

Isabel Hilton, OBE

5:30 pm Wine Reception