The Latest Biochar Discoveries


A seminar hosted by Dr Saran Sohi from the UK Biochar Research Centre.

Date: Wednesday 19 June

Time: 2pm

Venue: Moa Room, OUCE

please RSVP to Emily Read if you would like to attend this seminar.

About biochar: Biochar is the stable solid product of heating biomass with the exclusion of air (pyrolysis). Charcoal is a fuel derived from wood - biochar would be the co-product of energy capture and derived from a range of waste or non-waste biomass.  Biochar is used in soil for the dual purpose of carbon storage with improved soil / crop performance.  Descriptions and categories that allow for particular soil-crop predictions will help biochar find its market potential. Since 2005 when the word was defined, around 1,000 research papers have been published. This talk outlines the state of knowledge on biochar function in soil and where and to which end future effort should be focused.

About the speaker: Saran Sohi is a lecturer in soil science, he co-founded the UK Biochar Research Centre on arrival at the University of Edinburgh in 2009. Trained as an environmental scientist, his MSc, PhD and post-doc research (mainly at Rothamsted in Hertfordshire)  has been in understanding the function, mechanisms and dynamics of carbon and nitrogen in soil (1995-2005). This work led quite naturally to work on to biochar, via terra preta and Cornell University. He is currently a member of the Board of the International Biochar Initiative and recent published a commentary on biochar in the journal Science.