Short Course: Impacts of Agriculture on the Environment - Case Studies

Department for Continuing Education - Professonal Development

Course Aims:

  • To provide an overview on how land use change through agriculture has influenced the natural environment on a global basis
  • To understand the nature of agricultural impacts on the environment and to address the question ‘are all agricultural impacts necessarily negative?’
  • To look at the trends and complexities of current global agricultural markets and forces and the problems of conservation.
  • To address the question – ‘can the natural environment help agriculture?’
  • To understand the development and influence of international frameworks to address agricultural and environmental issues.
  • To look at case studies of agricultural development, impacts on the environment and efforts to mitigate these - examples are likely to include the grain, coffee and forestry sectors and others may be considered as well depending on time.

Tutor: Dr Sean Murphy of CABI

Date: Fri 21 Feb 2014, 10am-5pm

Location: Ewert House, Summertown, Oxford

Course fee: £125.00