Should We All Be Vegetarians?

The BBC World Service has joined forces with Wellcome Collection to explore some of the biggest challenges facing our world today in a new programme of events and radio broadcasts.

This event, which will take place with a live audience at Wellcome Collection, will be recorded and broadcasted on the BBC World Service in March 2017.

Presenters Claudia Hammond and Tim Cockerill will join an archaeologist, an epidemiologist, a sociologist and an expert in livestock sustainability to ask: should we all be vegetarians?

As more people in the West are cutting down on meat, becoming vegetarian or vegan for ethical, health and environmental reasons, we explore whether this is a sustainable option globally.

Jimmy Smith, Director General of the International Livestock Research Institute in Kenya
Holly Miller, archaeologist, the University of Nottingham
Peter Scarborough, epidemiologist, Nuffield Department of Population Health
Matthew Cole, sociologist, The Open University 

Please note: this event is fully booked. A link to the broadcast will be provided once available. Find out more on the Wellcome Collection website.

Should we all be vegetarians