Webinar: QUINOA: A CLIMATE SMART CROP. Lessons from the past and applications for the future


WEBINAR – Wednesday 5th December 1-2pm.

QUINOA: A CLIMATE SMART CROP. Lessons from the past and applications for the future.

Please join us for a webinar in which we explore Quinoa, a crop which holds great potential in a climate changed world. In this webinar we will hear from Luke Grenfell-Shaw, currently studying for a Masters in Water Science, Policy and Management, who has explored the crop’s hardiness through its genetics and physiology. Alongside him we have Alex Wankel an anthropologist, currently doing an MBA at Oxford, who has worked with farmers in Peru to understand this crop’s cultural history and explore the potential for adding value to it.



Quinoa is a remarkable crop, having been cultivated by Andean farmers for thousands of years in diverse mountain ecosystems, often with fragile soils, precarious climates, and very little water. Not only does it have an exceptional nutritional profile, but it displays a much higher level of resilience to drought, heat and salinity than traditional staple crops, such as wheat and rice. This makes it an exciting candidate to improve food security in the face of climate change, particularly in dry and hot environments. The science underpinning quinoa's tolerance to stress will be discussed, as will its potential applications in a warming world. Along with this, we will learn the cultural history of indigenous communities that are stewards of quinoa's vast agro-biodiversity, and how quinoa trade has affected the nutrition and livelihoods of smallholder farmers today.  


Click this link to join the webinar: https://ox.webex.com/ox/j.php?MTID=m650704761b9a166b85bc6f3a9af6fb32  (if you can do this 10 minutes before the start this will give you time to ensure it works on your computer)


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