Annual Conference 2014

The Oxford Food Security Forum presents

Food Security Research: Critical Perspectives and Marginalized Issues.

The 3rd Annual Oxford Food Security Conference

Date: May 4, 2014

Location: University of Oxford, United Kingdom

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Conference Description

We live in the midst of a multiplicity of food uncertainties requiring in-depth analyses at many levels. The question of food security - concerned with the availability, access and utilization of food - is riddled with paradoxical challenges. For example, enough food is grown to feed the world's entire population, yet approximately 1 billion people go hungry each year. Malnutrition can manifest as both under-nutrition and, increasingly, obesity. Vast numbers of people migrate toward opportunity in urban centers only to experience unemployment, elevated cost of living, and exacerbated social unrest alongside unaffordable food staples.


This one-day conference will bring together researchers, students, policy-makers, private sector consultants and others to share novel insights and critical perspectives on marginalized issues in research and policy-based food security discourse.

We seek historically, politically and culturally-situated perspectives on a broad range of subtopics pertaining to food, including but not limited to:

  • availability (e.g. production, supply chains, urban-rural distribution, trade relations, informal markets);
  • access (e.g. price volatility, income allocation, unemployment patterns, expenditure habits, rural-urban reciprocities); and
  • utilization (e.g. food preparation, consumption practices, intra-household biases).


We are especially interested in contributions that 1) examine unconventional issues and neglected gaps in the food security literature, and 2) link traditional food security questions with non-mainstream issues, approaches and perspectives.

All abstracts should additionally include an author ‘biography’ of no more than 100 words (i.e. author’s education and experience).

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