Conference Agenda

Oxford Food Forum:

Culture, Food, & the Environment: New Perspectives on Food Sovereignty and Security

Delegates Conference Schedule 2015 – Saturday May 2nd

Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony’s College,

62 Woodstock Road, OX2 6JF


8:30    Registration


9:00    Opening Keynote

Simon Platten, Tamar Grow Local & University of Kent: Developing Community Supported Agriculture to address food poverty: practical action in the Tamar Valley, UK


10:00   Biocultural Diversity & the Environment

Session Chair: Professor William Beinart, African Studies Centre, University of Oxford

Mark Woodcock, University of Edinbourgh: Genetic security for chicken and other livestock through cryopreservation

Lewis Daly, University of Oxford: Cassava Spirit & The Seed of History: The hyper-diversity of a staple crop in Amazonian Guyana

Charlotte Payne, University of Oxford: Profitable pests: The role of edible insects in traditional farming systems


11:30   Coffee and Tea Break


11:45  Policy, Ethics, & Resilience

Session Chair: Dr. Thomas Thornton, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Venetia Congdon, University of Oxford: Revaluating the local or the national? Catalan identity and heritage foods

Thomas White, University of Cambridge: Between food source and pet: camels, climate change and culture in Inner Mongolia, China

Chris Kaplonski, University of Cambridge: Waiting for the consumer to catch up: sustainability and the taste of wine in Austria 

Magdalena Góralska, Jadavpur University (video): Artificiality versus naturalness? Foreign versus Polish? Biotechnology, nature and “genetically modified food” in post-socialist Poland


13:15   Lunch

The Buttery, St Antony’s College


14:30    New Perspectives & Applied Research  

Session Chair: Professor Michael Hamm, Department of Community Sustainability, Michigan State University

Philippa Ryan, British MuseumChanging crop choices and agricultural risk management in northern Sudan           

Jade Phillips, University of Birmingham: Crop wild relatives: our challenges, our future, our food security

Bee Farrell, SOAS, University College London: Ancient food processing systems and contemporary heritage food culture


16:00    Closing Keynote

Shonil Bhagwat, Lecturer in Geography,Open University: Connecting culture, food and the environment: a radical future?


17:00    Poster Session and Wine Reception

Claire Aigus, University of Cambridge: ‘GM and Hybrid Vigour’

Aida Baghernejad, Kings College London: ‘Hungry. Self-Employment on Street Food Markets and the Political Dimension of Consumption’

Luke Braidwood, University of Cambridge: ‘Using metagenomics to identify emerging viral pathogens, and RNA silencing to combat them’
John Duncan, University of Southampton: ‘Access to food via rice farming - Perspectives from disaster prone and climate  vulnerable regions of Odisha.’
Heidi Ma, University of Oxford, 'Biodiversity conservation in aquatic agricultural systems: A study of indigenous freshwater fishes in Khulna, Bangladesh'
Marcela Mendoza-Suárez, University of Oxford: ‘Beating rhizobial ineffectiveness’
Jonathon Woolley, University of Cambridge: ‘To labour fruitfully: Shifting traditions of work and food production in rural and suburban Norfolk’

Photos of Student Fieldwork