Conference Agenda

Oxford Cambridge Food Forum 2016:

Technological Frontiers is Food Security and Sustainability

University of Oxford

May 7, 2016

Halford Mackinder Lecture Theatre, School of Geography and the Environment

South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QY


9.30-10.00        Registration


10.00-10.10      Welcome


10.10-11.00      Opening keynote 

Dr. Monika Zurek (Environmental Change Institute, Oxford) - "Technological Frontiers in Food Security and Sustainability: Which direction should technological change take?"


11.00-12.30      Session 1 Technological Advances in Breeding: Opportunities and Impact

Robert Jackson (National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB)) “Making genomic selection work for practical wheat breeding”

Rachel Wheatley (Oxford) “Nature’s Nitrogen Fixers”

Albert Boaitey (University of Alberta) “Biodiversity And Livestock Producer Acceptance Of Genomics: Evidence From Three Producer Surveys In Canada”


12.30-1.30        Lunch


1.30-2.50          Session 2 Innovation in Natural Resource Management

Alyssa Menz (Oxford) “A Means to Alleviate the Bushmeat Crisis? The Feasibility of Establishing Sustainable Grasscutter Farms in Kenya”

Celine Jennison (Oxford) "Agroforestry Restoration in Hawai’i"


2.50-3.30          Tea Break and Poster Session


3.30-5.00          Session 3 Disruptive solutions? Barriers to Social Acceptance of New Technologies

Karolina Rucinska (Cardiff University) “Enviropig affects. On constructions and disclosed moral worlds of biotechnological innovation in pig farming”

Daphne Page (City University London) “Reinventing the wheel and missing the mark in policy overlap: Rooftop Urban Agriculture as a community innovation in Toronto, Canada”

David Rose (Cambridge) “Understanding the factors affecting the uptake and use of decision support tools in agriculture”


5.00      Closing of Conference


Post Conference Drinks at the Royal Oak




Deberson De Jesus (Warwick) “Commodity Governance in a Cosmopolitan World”

Catherine Price (Warwick) "Coverage of Genetically Modified Food: The Role of UK News Website Online Articles and Associated Comments and Twitter in Shaping Public Perceptions"

Amir M. Sharif, Zahir Irani (Brunel University London) "Dynamics of Food Waste: a systems-based perspective on systemic Food Security issues"

Franziska Gaupp (Oxford) “Dependency of Crop Production Losses between Global Breadbaskets: A Copula Approach for the Assessment of Risk Pools” 

Claire Agius (Cambridge University) - TBC

Photos of Student Fieldwork