Oxford Food Security Forum Conference 2012

Urban Food Security: Global Perspectives, Local Evidence

FEBRUARY 25, 2012

This conference convened scholars, students, and practitioners from a variety of institutions to share current research and facilitate collaboration related to urban food security. 

Graduate students, researchers and practitioners from diverse areas including African Studies, Anthropology, Development Studies, Economics, Geography, Politics, and Public Health presented original work.

Sub-themes included:

  • Obesity and Urban Food Security
  • Global Price Dynamics, Food Commodities, and Food Futures
  • Malnutrition: What are the Urban Poor Eating and Why?
  • Rural-Urban Linkages and Livelihoods
  • The Potential of Urban Agriculture
  • HIV/AIDS and Food Security
  • Migration and Food Security
  • The Juncture of Poverty and Food Security
  • Urban Social Networks and Food Security
  • Within-Household Dynamics and Food Access
  • Informal Markets, Supermarkets, Hyper-markets: Food Sources


Serena Stein, QEH & Adam Gilbertson, ISCA
University of Oxford


9:30am Registration, Welcome

10-10:20 AM Welcome from Charles Godfrey, Director, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food; Food Forum Overview, Serena Stein, Founder of Oxford Food Security Forum

10:20-11:40 AM Session 1:

  • Serena Stein, MPhil Candidate, Development Studies, University of Oxford: “Food Utilization and the Capabilities Approach: Evidence from Informal Neighborhoods in Maputo, Mozambique”
  • Adam Gilbertson, DPhil Candidate, ISCA Anthropology, University of Oxford:“Intra-household Food Security and Obesity: The Case of Urban Kenya”
  • Andrew Adam-Bradford, Smith School of Enterprise & Environment, University of Oxford:“Urban Agriculture and Urban Resilience: Planning and Design for AppropriateIntegration”
  • Susan Parham, Centre for Sustainable Communities, University of Hertfordshire:Retrofitting for food: the case of urban food quarters

11:40-12:10 PM Discussion and questions


1:30-1:40 PM Afternoon Introduction

1:40-2:40 PM Session 2:

  • Christopher Coghlan, DPhil Candidate, Geography, University of Oxford:Reconciling Food Security at the Global, Regional, State, and Local Scales”
  • Iván González de Alba, DPhil Candidate, Development Studies, University of Oxford:Indigenous Food Security in Mexico: findings form a multidimensional poverty measure”
  • Frank van Lervan, Action Against Hunger:“Urban & Rural Linkages in Enhancing Food Security During Times of Crisis: A Case Study Review of Guinea, Zimbabwe and Guatemala”

2:40-3:00 PM Discussion and questions


3:30-4:30 PM Session 3:

  • Isabella Rae, Senior Programmes Manager, Gorta, The Freedom From Hunger Council of Ireland:“The Right to Food: from the Legislator to a Court of Law”
  • Carla Sarrouy, School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick: “Are Food Rioters The Main Victims of Hunger? Case Study of Food Insecurity in Senegal”
  • Tayaab Safdar, MBA, PhD Candidate, Development Studies, University of Cambridge: “Reconciling Agribusiness and Urban Food Security Imperatives in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Punjab, Pakistan”

4:30-4:50 PM Discussion and questions

4:50-5:00 PM Introduction to Keynote Speaker

5:00-6:00 PM Keynote address from Dr. Camilla Toulmin, Director of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) in London

6:00-6:45 PM Drinks Reception

7:00 PM Dinner with presenters and specially registered participants

Photos of Student Fieldwork