2012 Hilary Lunchtime Talks on Global Food Security

Original Research, Engaging Discussion, and Free Lunch

Queen Elizabeth House
3 Mansfield Road
Meeting Room A
Mondays Weeks 2-8, 1-2 PM

Week 2 (January 23): ‘FoodPrinting’ Oxford: Our Local Food System and the Environment, Tom Curtis, Managing Director of Landshare; MSc Oxford

Week 3 (January 30): Food Security and India: Shifts in Discourse, Agrima Bhasin, MPhil Candidate, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Oxford

Week 4 (February 6): Nutrition Security: A Comparative Perspective from India and Kenya, Harry Guinness and Natasha Azad, MPhil Candidates, Development Studies, Oxford

Week 5 (February 13): Food and the Private Sector: A View from South Africa, Laura Pereira, DPhil Candidate, Geography, Oxford

Week 7 (February 27): The Math of Food Security: Quantitative Modeling, Christopher Coghlan, DPhil Candidate, Geography, Oxford

Week 8 (March 5): Why the government is in the garden: The evolution of local food policy, Henry Barmeier, DPhil Candidate, Geography, Oxford

Photos of Student Fieldwork