Highlighted Graduate Food System Research

To give you a flavour of the kind of food system research that graudate students are carrying out at Oxford, we have invited a number of current graduate students to tell us about the research they are doing or the course they are taking.

Tamma Carleton - MSc in Economics for Development, focusing on food security challenges in light of accelerating environmental change.

Claire Friedemann - DPhil in The Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, aiming to try and find a different approach to reduce obesity related cardiovascular disease

Alexis Gutierrez - DPhil in Geography and the Environment (SOGE) entitled: "Consumers and Environmental Labelling – What do they actually understand? A case study of the seafood industry"

Alexandra Littaye - DPhil in Geography and the Environment (SOGE) researching the organisation Slow Food and their involvement with farmers

Chase Sova - DPhil in Geography and the Environment (SOGE), Environmental Change Institute (ECI) on climate change adaptation within the agricultural sector