Natural Science Evidence Base for Control of Bovine TB

Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 10:00

A Restatement of the Natural Science Evidence Base Relevant to the Control of Bovine Tuberculosis in Great Britain


This project aims to provide a succinct summary of the natural science evidence base underlying bovine tuberculosis policy in the UK.  It has been led by Charles Godfray and Angela McLean from the Oxford Martin School and also involves Christl Donnelly (Imperial College), Rowland Kao (Glasgow University), David Macdonald and Gillian Petrokofsky (Oxford University), James Wood (Cambridge University), Rosie Woodroffe (Institute of Zoology), Douglas Young (MRC National Institute of Medical Research) and Robbie McDonald (University of Exeter).

A brief announcement of the project’s conclusion is here

The evidence summary can be found as the Appendix to a paper in press in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biological Sciences; a preprint can be downloaded here

A detailed Annotated Bibliography describing the information behind each component of the evidence base will appear as supplementary online material to the paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biological Sciences; a preprint can be downloaded here.

We will add any corrections and updates to papers we mention in review when they are published on the bTB Evidence Project page.

We welcome comments at

Read more about this and Defra's long-term plans for fighting TB in cattle on the BBC News website.

Listen to Professor Charles Godfray discussing the scientific evidence for the control of Bovine TB on Radio 4's Inside Science

Read a news article about this on the Oxford Martin School website

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