Job opportunity: Postdoctoral Research Associate (based at The Nature Conservancy)

Monday, December 18, 2017 - 13:00
The Nature Conservancy’s Global Land’s Program is recruiting a Postdoctoral Research Associate to work with an interdisciplinary team to study the environmental effects of the changing fraction of animal-sourced food (notably meat and dairy) in global diets. The project seeks to understand the factors that influence the amount of meat and dairy we eat, and the consequences for population health. It will also explore the varying environmental consequences of different types of livestock production, which will be the main focus of this Post-doctoral position. An important goal of the project is to assess the effectiveness of different interventions and that will include developing models on the effects of different policies and providing tools for policy makers working in health, agriculture and the environment. Primary project partners include Oxford University’s Martin Programme on the Future of Food, the Wellcome Trust Our Planet Our Health Programme and The Nature Conservancy. Click here for more information.
The Postdoctoral Research Associate will integrate land use and economic models to evaluate how different economic drivers affect land conversion, and related outcomes for biodiversity and ecosystem services.  Statistically model the relationship between increasing animal based diets and global biodiversity metrics to determine where and under what circumstances changes in diet affects biodiversity and ecosystem function at a global scale. Within select geographic regions, examine the trade-offs and thresholds in the provision of agricultural production and biodiversity using spatial optimizations techniques. Within this scope, opportunities exist to develop and explore novel research questions of interest.
The Postdoctoral Research Associate will be a full-time employee of The Nature Conservancy.  This is a grant funded position for four years.  He/she will be supervised by Joseph Kiesecker, Lead Scientist, and will interact closely with faculty at Oxford University (Project Directors Professors Charles Godfray & Susan Jebb), and TNC staff on the Global Lands Program as well as other TNC field based staff.
Deadline 15 January 2018.
For further information view the job advert and description or contact Joseph Kiesecker.

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