Gideon Henderson

Department of Earth Sciences
South Parks Road

Professor of Earth Sciences

Gideon is a geochemist researching climate change and the carbon cycle. His main research interests are in paleoclimate and ocean chemistry.

His work on paleoclimates, using geochemical proxies to understand past climate change, is helping to improve prediction of future climate change.His ocean chemistry research strives to understand the marine cycles of trace elements that are essential to life in the ocean. Some of these trace elements serve as essential micronutrients in the oceans, the availability of which influences the physiological state and biochemical activity of marine primary producers. This availability of micronutrients has an impact on the state of marine food systems and ocean fisheries.

Gideon also has research interests in chemical processes in soils, particularly weathering rates and carbon uptake.

Gideon is Co-director of the 21st Century Ocean Institute, a member of the Oxford Martin School.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

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Ferguson, JE, Henderson, GM, Fa, DA, Finlayson, JC and Charnley, NR, (2011) 'Increased seasonality in the Western Mediterranean during the last glacial from limpet shell geochemistry', Earth and Planetary Science Letters. Vol. 308, pp. 325-333

Pistiner JS, Henderson GM, Lithium-isotope fractionation during continental weathering processes, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 214(1-2):327-339 10 Sep 2003 Link

Henderson GM. New oceanic proxies for paleoclimate. Earth Planet Sci Lett. 2002;203(1):1-13. 
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