Claire Friedemann

DPhil in The Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, aiming to try and find a different approach to reduce obesity related cardiovascular disease

What are you studying?

"I'm doing a DPhil in The Department of Primary Care Health Sciences"

What's your research about?

"The ultimate aim of my research is to try and find a different approach to reduce obesity related cardiovascular disease. Past studies have found that obesity in childhood can impact significantly on adult heart health and my first paper showed that even in childhood cardiovascular disease risk can begin in overweight and obese children. Because of this there have been many studies that have tried to reduce the weight of these children and as a secondary aim improve their heart health, but they are rarely successful in the long term. With this in mind I am approaching the problem by trying to get children to improve their heart health with weight loss being a secondary outcome. I chose to do this because compared to weight loss, the cardiovascular system is potentially much more engaging to children and so they will be more enthusiastic and more likely to take an interest in looking after its health."

What's your background that led you to studying at Oxford?

"I studied for a bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy at Oxford Brookes University and did a master’s in health psychology at the University of Surrey where I heard about and applied for my current place."

What do you hope to do next, when you have finished your studies at Oxford?

"I would like to have a career in academia maybe beginning with a post-doctoral position at Oxford. I am also interested in health promotion and evidence based medicine and so would like to work in one (or both!) of these areas."

What led you to choose Oxford?

"I had lived in Oxford for already for a few years and love the city, so when the opportunity to study at Oxford, especially at a department and with supervisors as well respected as mine the opportunity was too exciting to miss."

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