Oxford Global Food Security Conference 2013

Food and Uncertainty:
The Past, Present and Future of Food Security

Date: Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Venue: 64 Banbury Road, Oxford University

We live in the midst of a multiplicity of food uncertainties requiring in-depth analyses at multiple levels. The question of food security - concerned with the availability, access and utilization of food - is riddled with paradoxical challenges. For example, enough food is grown to feed the world's entire population, yet approximately 1 billion people go hungry each year. Malnutrition can manifest as both under-nutrition and, increasingly, obesity. Vast numbers of people migrate toward opportunity in urban centers only to experience unemployment, elevating cost of living, and exacerbated social unrest alongside unaffordable food staples.

This one-day conference brought together researchers, students, policy-makers, private sector consultants and others to share insights into the past, present, and future of food uncertainties grappled with globally.

Please click here to read a recap of the 2013 conference written by Hannah Rowlands. 

9:30 am: Registration and breakfast
10 am - 12pm: Session 1 "Food Security and Environmental Change"
12 - 1pm: Lunch
1 - 2.30pm: Session 2 "Food Politics and Policies"
2.30 - 3pm Coffee
3 - 4.30pm: Session 3 "Mixing Methods in Food Research: Ethnography to Econometrics"
4.30 - 5pm: Keynote: Professor Doug Gollin
5 - 6pm: Wine Reception

The Oxford Global Food Security Forum is a student-led group interested in bringing together research on food security from across the disciplines. Sponsors included The Oxford Martin Program on the Future of Food and St. Antony’s College, Oxford University.

Photos of Student Fieldwork