The Oxford Food Security Forum Lunchtime Talks Hilary Term 2013


Global Food Security

Original Research
Engaging Discussion

Mondays, 12:30-1:30 PM Hilary Term

University of Oxford
Queen Elizabeth House
Meeting Room A
3 Mansfield Road

Week 1 (14 January): “Climate Change and Rice in India”
Prof. Barbara Harriss-White, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford

Week 2 (21 January): “Biochar, Sustainability and Food Supply”
Alfred Gathorne-Hardy, Research Fellow, 'The Materiality of Rice' project, University of Oxford

Week 3 (28 January): “Distributed Governance and Restless Consumption: The Case of Novel Foods in Europe”
Tanja Schneider, Research Fellow in Science and Technology Studies, Said Business School, University of Oxford
Javier Lezaun, PhD, Deputy Director of the Institute for Science, Innovation, and Society, University of Oxford

Week 3 (29 January): “Why Eat Local?” *NOTE: This talk will be on TUESDAY of Week 3
Julian Cottee, Cultivate Oxfordshire

Week 4 (4 February): “Diet, Environmental Sustainability and Chronic Disease”
Peter Scarborough, DPhil, British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group, University of Oxford

Week 5 (11 February): “Food Security and Environmental Change: A Two-­Way Street”
John Ingram, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Food Security Leader, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

CANCELLED Week 6 (18 February): “Food Security, Nutrition and Climate Change Mitigation: Exploring the Links”
Tara Garnett, Food Climate Research Network, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Week 7 (25 February): "Environment and (not “or”) Economics and (not “or”) Ethics"
Mike Gooding, Managing Director at FAI Farms Limited

Week 8 (4 March): “The Role of ‘Gathering’ in Relation to Food Security and Reduced Vulnerability as Part of Agroforestry Development in Rural India”
Professor Steven Newman, Managing Director at BioDiversity International

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