Friends of the Earth “Get Gobby” Student Competition

Monday, May 20, 2013 - 12:30

Get Gobby

Are you a cash-strapped student? Enter our competition - Get Gobby - and you could win £500.

The Challenge: Tell us how you'd convince people to protect the environment by changing their diets.

Visit the Friends of the Earth website for more information.

Whatever your idea, make sure you send it in by midnight Sunday, June 9th 2013.

Meat and dairy production causes a massive 18% of climate-changing emissions. Plus too much meat is bad for our health. We need to replace some of the meat we eat with veg. And fast.

How would you motivate someone to try veggie lasagne or halve the chicken in their casserole? Pick from our list of audiences (below) and persuade them to change.

Be positive - tell people how this could make them feel better rather than trying to guilt them into changing. We'd love something we can campaign with.

What would work on you? Would you want to know the impact of your diet? Or believe it'd actually make a difference if you changed it? Would it help to know about the alternatives? Or believe the alternatives are available?

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