Crop Pests and Pathogens Move Polewards in a Warming World

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 12:00

New research published in Nature by Dan Bebber, Mark Ramotowski and Sarah Gurr (a past member of our Food Research Network) shows a shift towards the poles in observations of hundreds of pests and pathogens, which supports the hypothesis of global warming-driven pest movement.

The researchers, from the universities of Exeter and Oxford, said "If crop pests continue to march polewards as the Earth warms, the combined effects of a growing world population and the increased loss of crops to pests will pose a serious threat to global food security."

Read the article in Nature.

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Photo of a beetle feeding on maize silk in Lowveld, Swaziland by J. G. Gethi/CIMMYT.

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