Mike Rayner Comments on Guardian Article About Sugar

Monday, September 9, 2013 - 12:00

Mike Rayner, Director of the British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group, was quoted in the Guardian on Saturday in an article about sugar, obesity, and the pros and cons of a tax on sugary foods and drinks.

The article, "Sugar intake must come down, says WHO – but UK likely to resist", was commenting on the new World Health Organisation recommendations about the amount of sugar in our diets, which is expected to come out soon, and the likely resistance to such proposals in the UK due to "scepticism among scientific advisers to the British government."

Mike was quoted in the article, as "a leading light in the campaign for a soft drinks tax". He said, "The problem with sugar is its calories really and it's easily digestible, and it tends not to come with anything particularly useful, so sugary drinks are problematic because they are an easy way of getting calories – not because it's sugar but because it's calories. I know there is a difference of opinion. I think nutritionists are rather squabbling over how many angels you get on the side of a pin."

Read the full article in the Guardian here.

Photo of soft drinks shelf from Wikimedia Commons

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