Anna Lora-Wainwright

School of Geography and the Environment
South Parks Road

University Lecturer in the Human Geography of China & Fellow of St Cross College

Anna's work embodies a particular synergy between human geography and the study of China and focuses on environmental pollution, development and health in the Chinese countryside.

She is a University Lecturer jointly appointed by the School of Geography and the Environment and the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies.

Her work is concerned with unpacking the naturalisation of perceptions of health and pollution, how they are produced and their political economic overtones (for instance how dependence on a nearby factory might make pollution acceptable).

Anna's current research covers a diverse range of topics, including several that have direct relevance to the food system: how socio-politically situated perceptions of development, consumerism and fake or unsafe food intersect with attitudes to health and pollution in the Chinese countryside; environmental health activism; how coexisting moral economies of subsistence and the market are articulated in everyday life; the interplay between eating practices, Bourdieusian taste and social status in rural China; historically formed perceptions of fatness and health; and a more layered understanding of the 'state' and local agency.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

Authored Books

Lora-Wainwright, A. (under contract, forthcoming) Fighting for Breath: Living morally and dying of cancer in a Chinese village. University of Hawaii Press.

Academic Journal Papers

Lora-Wainwright, A. (2009) Of farming chemicals and cancer deaths: the politics of health in contemporary rural China. Social Anthropology, 17(1): 56-73.

Book Chapters

Lora-Wainwright, A. (2010) "If you can eat and walk you do not go to hospital" – Farmers' attitudes to healthcare in contemporary China. In, B. Carrillo and J. Duckett (eds.) Social Problems and the Local Welfare Mix in China: Public Policies and Private Initiatives. London: Routledge. Selected essays from the Provincial China Workshop 2008, Tianjin University.

Lora-Wainwright, A. (2009) Fatness and Wellbeing: bodies and the generation gap in Contemporary China. In, Y. Zheng and B. Turner (eds.) The Body in Asia, Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Working Papers

Lora-Wainwright, A. (2007) Do you eat meat every day? Food, Distinction and Social Change in Contemporary Rural China, BICC working papers.