Nutrition, Food Security and Livelihoods - A Mokoro Seminar

Date: Friday 2nd May 2014

Time: 10am - 1.15pm

Venue: Christopher Room, St. Aldates Parish Centre, 40 Pembroke Street, Oxford, OX1 1BP

For more than two years Mokoro has been leading a consortium carrying out evaluations for the World Food Programme, with The Food Economy Group and Valid International as partners providing complementary expertise. Mokoro has contributed expertise in evaluation, aid effectiveness, public policy and management, and land, livelihoods and natural resources; Valid International has a track record of developing innovative approaches to the treatment and monitoring of malnutrition, and in conducting humanitarian evaluations; and The Food Economy Group has cutting edge experience in food security monitoring and livelihoods analysis. Mokoro’s next collaborative seminar brings together experience from this consortium, and from nutrition experts, NutritionWorks, introducing some leading research in nutrition, food security and livelihoods.

Seminar Programme

10.00 Welcome, Tea and Coffee

10.30 Introductions, Mokoro Chair

10.40 Scaling Up Nutrition: current developments, achievements and challenges from NutritionWorks’ recent research experience on MQSUN. Paul Rees-Thomas, NutritionWorks

11.20 Food Security surveys: new surveying techniques to investigate uptake of services and barriers to access from a community and context specific perspective. Valid International

12.00 ‘Livelihoods at the Limit’: a look into the recent research by The Food Economy Group and Save UK attempting to find common tendencies and patterns that tell us about food security, especially for poorer households. Julius Holt, The Food Economy Group

12.40 Questions and Discussion Mokoro Chair

13.15 Lunch