John Stein

Emeritus Professor of Physiology

Prof. John Stein FRCP, FMedSci studies the link between impaired visuomotor control and nutrition, in particular omega 3 fish oils.

He trained as a neurologist at Oxford University, and St Thomas’s Hospital, London, but moved into full time research in the 1970s when he became the Medical Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. He is now an Emeritus Professor there. He still researches on impaired visuomotor control as a contributor to movement, reading (dyslexia) and behavioural disorders.  He has developed the theory that specialised ‘magnocellular’ nerve cells which mediate rapid visuomotor processing are highly dependent on adequate nutrition, in particular with omega 3 fish oils. 

He has recently completed RCTs looking for behavioural improvements after giving fish oil, vitamin and mineral supplements to young offenders in prison, and disadvantaged teenagers in school.

He doesn’t cook fish and his younger brother, British TV fish chef, Rick Stein, doesn’t do neuroscience!