Hilary term lunchtime talks at the Oxford Martin School

The Oxford Martin School Future of Food programme and the Oxford Student Food Forum present:

Hilary Term 2016 Lunchtime Talks: 1-2pm on Tuesdays

Talks will be hosted in the Oxford Martin School (Old Indian Institute) seminar room 2, 34 Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BD.

Everyone is welcome.


19th of January (Week1) - DPhil Candidate Abhijit Sakar, Faculty of Oriental Studies: 'The War and the Kitchen: Popular Responses to State-Intervention in Food Consumption in Wartime India (1939-45)'


26th of January (Week 2) - Dr Ben Richardson, International Political Economy (University of Warwick): 'Sugar Shift: Toward a Healthier and Fairer Food System'


Note there are no lunchtime talks in weeks 3 and 4


16th of February (Week 4) - DPhil Candidate Sophie Chamas, Faculty of Oriental Studies: Dar ‘Al Sulh (Domain of Conciliation): Iraqi-Jewish Cuisine’s (Brief) Return to the Middle East’


23rd of February (Week 6) - Dr Peter Scarborough and Dr Marco Springmann, Nuffield Department of Population Health: ‘Global and regional health impact of climate change mediated by changes in diet'


1st of March (Week 7) - Dr Robert Scotland, Department of Plant Sciences: ‘Sweet Potato Wild Relatives’


8th of March (Week 8) - Dr Neil Carrier, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, African Studies Centre: 'Fungal foodways: mushrooms and livelihoods in East Africa'