The 21st Symposium of Australian Gastronomy

The 21st Symposium of Australian Gastronomy will be celebrated in Melbourne, Australia, from Friday 2 to Tuesday 6 December 2016. With our guiding theme of ‘Utopian Appetites’, we are looking with hope towards bright food futures.

The year 2016 marks five centuries since the publication of Thomas More’s Utopia (1516). With its founding principles of desire, order, justice and hope, utopia represents a framework to think about gastronomy as both an imaginary ideal and a realisable goal for the future. The utopian theme encourages us to envisage the gastronomic project of eating well, bridging disciplinary boundaries, encompassing different spaces, practices, cultures and times.

We invite proposals from academics and independent scholars, artists and activists, cooks and chefs, journalists and writers, food producers and artisans in the form of panel discussions, presentations, literary reflections, manifestos, performances and interactive experiments relating to utopia and gastronomy. Please send enquiries and proposals 350 words or less along with a 100-word biography of the presenter/s before 15 May 2016 to the symposium committee.

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This symposium is a collaboration between William Angliss Institute, the University of Melbourne, together with Sustain: the Australian Food Network.


Those travelling to Australia from afar may be interested to learn that there is a second food-oriented conference scheduled immediately after the Symposium of Australian Gastronomy - hosted by the Agri-Food Research Network conference in Adelaide from 7-10 December 2016 with the theme of Food and the Asian Century: Opportunities and Challenges in the ‘Hood.