Alexandra Morel

Post Doctoral Researcher

Alex is a post-doctoral researcher on the recently launched ECOLIMITS Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) project. This project will be monitoring and modeling ecosystem service provision of intact forest and cocoa-dominated or coffee-dominated production systems for neighboring communities. The ecosystem services to be monitored are nutrient cycling (e.g. N and P), net primary productivity (NPP), micro-climatology and the pollination and pest control benefits of neighboring biodiversity. She completed her MSc and DPhil through Oxford's Environmental Change Institute as well, with theses on food security, biofuels and the carbon balance of commodity production (e.g. palm oil) in India and Malaysia respectively. During a two year fellowship at Columbia's Earth Institute she coordinated an expert review of the main drivers of global environmental change and worked in Haiti mapping human-environment coupled vulnerability using household surveys and remote sensing analysis. Previous to her most recent project she has worked on the implementation of a REDD+ project in Bale Mountain, Ethiopia and an analysis of cloud frequency and initiations relative to forest cover over Ghana.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

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