The Bountiful Sea: Fish processing and consumption in Mediterranean antiquity

The University of Oxford, Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies are bringing together a diverse group of archaeologists, scientists, cooks, and classical scholars to discuss ancient fish production. Classical antiquity witnessed many challenges that we would recognise today – population expansion, mass migration, border disputes, and over exploitation of resources. Like us, the Roman Empire processed and consumed fish on an industrial scale. How did ancient cultures shape the modern seas? What can past industries tell us about the present?

The academic programme will gather scholars from across Europe, North America, and the Near East to investigate key areas of fish eating (production, processing, trade, consumption) as well as the potential state-of-the-art scientific methods. The meeting will also include an innovative culinary programme that invites participants to engage with Roman fish products and fish-based dishes. Demonstrations and tastings will showcase Roman flavours and offer participants new insight into how fish products were made and consumed.

Interested in participating? The call for posters is now open (deadline 5 May 2017).
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