Past Members of Food Research Network

Dr Devi Sridhar
University Lecturer in Global Health Politics, Department of Politics and International Relations

Devi's research interests lie in global health politics, institutions in global health and global and national financing of health.

Devi is now Senior Lecturer in Global Health Policy at Edinburgh University: current profile

Dr Angela Wilkinson
Futures Programme Director, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

Angela is involved in education and research into and using futures methods, such as scenarios, visioning and modelling.

Angela will be taking up the role of Counsellor for Strategic Foresight at OECD from May 2013.

Professor Sarah Gurr
Professor of Molecular Plant Pathology

Sarah Gurr’s research focuses on pathogens, in order to develop fungicides.

Sarah is now at the University of Exeter, working with the Food Security and Land Research Alliance

Dr Kersty Hobson
Senior Research Fellow into the Social and Cultural Contexts of Environmental Change

Kersty’s research interests focus on the human dimensions of environmental change. She has studied domestic sustainable consumption and food geographies in the UK and Australia,  as well as environmental governance and deliberation.

Kersty is still a researcher at Oxford, but not currently working on food-related topics.