Abrar Chaudhury

DPhil Student, Environmental Change Institute

Financial and Institutional Design of Climate Change Adaptation

Abrar is part of a multidisciplinary Systemic Integrated Adaptation (SIA) project team conducting research into resilience and adaptive capacity of food systems to climate change across social, political-institutional, economic and environmental scales and levels. Within the SIA project, Abrar is leading the financial and institutional lens researching on the design and delivery features of current national climate change adaptation funding mechanisms in reaching climate vulnerable smallholding farmers, considered to be critical agents in adapting to climate change impacts on both local and global food systems.

The research adopts a multi-stakeholder approach to identify interests, resources and motivations of key stakeholders to influence financial decision-making, funding mechanism design and adaptation funding flow from national level to vulnerable communities. The economics of climate change adaptation is at an incipient stage and thus faces many of the challenges of early stage organizations. The research thus draws parallels and insights from social and management theory and practices, in particular the role of financial and capital markets, financial and operational management, new market creation, scaling to market, and other leading business and social practices.

Abrar’s interdisciplinary research interests are:

  • Economics of climate change adaptation and assessment of climate sensitive sectors
  • Design of adaptation costing and valuation tools
  • Adaptation funding mechanism and framework
  • Monitoring, reporting and verification systems for climate investments
  • Design of environmentally sustainable business models for promoting private sector investment in climate smart projects.

Abrar is fellow chartered accountant by training and has completed his MBA and MSc in Environmental Change and Management (distinction) from the University of Oxford.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

Conference (Presentations)

  • Global Conference on Agriculture Research for Development (GCARD2) - Uruguay October 2012
  • CCAFS - South Asian Scenario Development Workshop - Sri Lanka November 2012
  • Community Based Adaptation (CBA6) Conference - Vietnam April 2012

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