Adam Briggs

British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group
Nuffield Department of Population Health

Rosemary Rue Building
Old Road Campus
Oxford OX3 7LF

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Public Health, British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group (BHFHPRG)

Adam is a Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellow studying for a DPhil jointly supervised by the BHF CPNP and the Health Economics Research Centre (HERC), he is also an honorary Specialty Registrar in Public Health at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. His DPhil aims to model the cost-effectiveness of different public health policies affecting diet and physical activity. His ongoing research interests include in the interactions between nutrition, health, and sustainability, and the role of fiscal interventions in changing eating habits. He is also an expert collaborator for the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 2013 (GBD 2013).

He studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and then moved to Oxford University to study Medicine. He has an MSc in Global Health from Oxford University and worked in London and America before returning to Oxford to pursue a career in Public Health. He is a Junior Research Fellow in clinical medicine at Lady Margaret Hall, and he teaches on the medical student public health course and the MSc in Global Health Science.



Recent Relevant Publications: 

Scarborough P, Appleby PN, Mizdrak A, Briggs ADM, et al. Dietary greenhouse gas emissions of meat-eaters, fish-eaters, vegetarians and vegans in the UK. Climatic Change. 2014;125(2):179-92

Briggs ADM*, Mytton OT*, Madden D, et al. The potential impact on obesity of a 10% tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in Ireland, an effect assessment modelling study. BMC Public Health. 2013;13(1):860

Adam D M Briggs, Oliver T Mytton, Ariane Kehlbacher, Richard Tiffin, Mike RaynerPeter Scarborough, Overall and income specific effect on prevalence of overweight and obesity of 20% sugar sweetened drink tax in UK: econometric and comparative risk assessment modelling study, BMJ 2013;347:f6189

Adam D M Briggs, Ariane Kehlbacher, Richard Tiffin, Tara Garnett, Mike Rayner, Peter Scarborough, Assessing the impact on chronic disease of incorporating the societal cost of greenhouse gases into the price of food: an econometric and comparative risk assessment modelling study, BMJ Open 3:e003543 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-003543