Andy Hector

Department of Plant Sciences
University of Oxford
South Parks Road
Oxford, OX1 3RB, UK

Professor of Ecology

Andy is a community ecologist interested in the relationship between biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems.

He is scientific leader of the Sabah Biodiversity Experiment. Research interests relevant to the future of food include plant growth, resource use, yield stability and carbon storage.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

Eutrophication weakens stabilizing effects of diversity in natural grasslands, Yann Hautier,  Eric W. Seabloom,  Elizabeth T. Borer,  Peter B. Adler,  W. Stanley Harpole, Helmut Hillebrand,  Eric M. Lind,  Andrew S. MacDougall,  Carly J. Stevens,  Jonathan D. Bakker,  Yvonne M. Buckley,  Chengjin Chu,  Scott L. Collins,  Pedro Daleo,  Ellen I. Damschen,  Kendi F. Davies,  Philip A. Fay,  Jennifer Firn,  Daniel S. Gruner,  Virginia L. Jin, Julia A. Klein,  Johannes M. H. Knops,  Kimberly J. La Pierre,  Wei Li,  Rebecca L. McCulley, Brett A. Melbourne,  Joslin L. Moore,  Lydia R. O’Halloran,  Suzanne M. Prober,  Anita C. Risch,  Mahesh Sankaran,  Martin Schuetz  & Andy Hector, Nature (2014) doi:10.1038/nature13014