Ariella Helfgott

Environmental Change Institute
School of Geography and the Environment
South Parks Road
United Kingdom.

Senior Visiting Research Associate, ECI

Ariella Helfgott’s work spans conceptual and mathematical modelling of system resilience and adaptability, through to participatory approaches to building resilience and adaptive capacity on-the-ground.

Ariella is currently a Senior Research Associate at the Environmental Change Institute, having been a Senior Research Fellow from 2009-2012. She currently works across 3 Universities and 5 field locations. She is also a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide, Australia and a Research Fellow at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Her research takes place in East Africa, West Africa, the Indo-gangetic Plain, South-East Asia and Latin America. Within her work on participatory approaches to building resilience, she brings together stakeholders across and within multiple decision-making levels and engages them in programs that develop strategic capacity, for example exploratory scenarios, visioning and back-casting and resilience-based planning.

Current participatory action research programs:

  • Community-based climate change adaptation costing: in collaboration with the Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security program (CCAFS).
  • Farms of the Future: in collaboration with CCAFS.
  • Systemic Integrated Adaptation Planning: in collaboration with CCAFS.
  • Himalayan Field Research Program (HFRP)

She is also working on a project at Wageningen University entitled “ROBIN - The Role of Biodiversity in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in the Amazon”.

Ariella's Systemic Integrated Adaptation project involves the following DPhil team:


Recent Relevant Publications: 

McDermott, C., Helfgott, A., Schroeder, H., and Coad, L (2012) Operationalizing social safeguards in REDD+: Actors, interests and ideas Environmental Science and Policy

Helfgott, A. (2008) Situating Strength-Based Approaches to Community Development in a Systems Thinking Context: The Cambodia Tales. The Systemist. 30(2).

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