Céline Jennison

MPhil Candidate Environmental Change and Management

In 2014, Céline graduated from Cornell University with a BSc in Plant Science and developed a passion for perennial edible landscapes because of their potential to resolve food insecurity. As food systems are deeply intertwined with other systems in society, she enrolled in Oxford’s Environmental Change and Management MPhil program to better understand the ‘big picture’.

She has completed the first year of her coursework and is now researching tropical agroforestry in Hawaii. She is part of the Ecology Lab at Oxford and is supervised by Prof.Yadvinder Malhi.

Over the last 5 months, she has been working with Becky Ostertag from University of Hawaii to better comprehend the trade-offs and complementarity between yield, carbon sequestration and ‘bioquality’ in hybrid ecosystems. She is interested in the question: Can we restore forests while providing food, Non-Timber Forest Products (NFPs) and maximising carbon sequestration ?


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