Charles Michel

Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Department of Experimental Psychology, Tinbergen Building, 9 South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3UD England


Charles is a Franco-Colombian professional chef graduated from ‘Institut Paul Bocuse’ cookery school in Lyon, France in 2006. After a classical training in kitchens in France and Italy, including two years at the three Michelin-starred restaurant “Dal Pescatore”, his work as a cook took a turn in a collaborative research with professor Charles Spence, applying insights from sensory and psychological science to culinary creations.

He is currently conducting research on food aesthetics as Chef-in-residence at the Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford. His work focuses on understanding the role of the senses in modulating flavour perception. He has recently been applying the knowledge of brain and sensory research to inform creative processes and experience architecture: Creating a bridge between art and science could play a crucial role to design the healthier, more sustainable habits for the future of mankind.

One of his projects is an experiential platform called Food Education Experience Design (FEED), whose aim is to educate through the senses and food, and communicate insights about the emerging science of Gastrophysics.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

Submitted work

Michel, C., Velasco, C., Woods, A. T., & Spence, C. On the importance of balance to aesthetic plating. Submitted to Appetite. 

Woods, A. T., Michel, C., & Spence, C. Odd versus even? An investigation on the impact of number of food items on plating preferences. Submitted to PeerJ.

Published work

Spence, C., Okajima, K., Cheok, A., Petit, O., & Michel, C (2015). Eating with our eyes, From visual hunger to digital satiation. Brain & Cognition.

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