Nicole Boivin

Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art
New Barnett House
28 Little Clarendon Street

Senior Research Fellow

Nicole is an archaeologist with interests in ancient trade, exchange and cultural contact, species translocations, the origins and spread of agriculture, and the relationship between human activity and environmental change in the past.

Her work tends to cross-cut the humanities and sciences, and is concerned with the ethics and contemporary relevance of archaeology as a discipline.

Nicole is currently PI of a European Research Council funded project called the Sealinks Project that is investigating ancient contacts and species translocations across the Indian Ocean.  The project takes a multidisciplinary approach that brings together various disciplines, in particular archaeology and genetics. This project addresses issues of food and food globalisation, and one of its key aims is to trace early movements of crops and domesticated animals.  The Sealinks Project also explores the role of small-scale forager societies in producing food and other products for international commerce networks such as the early spice trade.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

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In press Boivin, N. The domestication of difference:  Globalisation, hybridity and material culture in archaeological perspective.

In Archaeology, Syncretism, Creolisation, ed. T. Clack. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

In press Fuller, D.Q., Boivin, N., Castillo, C., Hoogervorst, T. & R. Allaby. The archaeobiology of Indian Ocean translocations:  Current outlines of cultural exchanges by proto-historic seafarers. Maritime Archaeology, ed. S. Tripathi.

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