Sarah Harper

Oxford Institute of Population Ageing
66 Banbury Road

Professor of Gerontology & Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Sarah's current research concerns globalization and global population ageing, in particular the impact at the global, societal and individual level of the age-structural shift from predominantly young to predominantly older societies.

Within this, her research interests are the impact of these demographic shifts on the intergenerational relationships, work, migration and the environment.

Of particular relevance to the food system is a research project she supervised, in collaboration with the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford, examining the likelihood of changes in vulnerable groups’ access to food and how this might be affected by progressive climate change in combination with changing population.

Sarah Harper is the Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, a multi-disciplinary research unit concerned with the implications of future population change.

The Oxford Institute of Population Ageing is a member of the Oxford Martin School.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

DEFRA Access to food in a changing climate: Impact on Vulnerable Groups, 2011, this report was compiled by Patricia O’Neill OIPA, Beth Stewart ECI and Rebecca White, ECI under the oversight of Professor Sarah Harper, Director of Oxford Institute of Population Ageing and Dr John Ingram, NERC Food Security Leader, The Environmental Change Institute. It formed part of DEFRA’s review of UK Food Security Assessment.