Virginia Morrow

Senior Research Officer / Associate Professor, Young Lives

Ginny Morrow's research focuses on children’s work, sociological approaches to the study of childhood and children’s rights, the ethics of social research with children, children’s understandings of family, and children and ‘social capital’.

Ginny is currently working on two papers analysing Young Lives four rounds of qualitative longitudinal data, exploring the effects of food insecurity on children's life trajectories in Ethiopia and Andhra Pradesh. She is a member of the Advisory Group for an ERC-funded study based Families and Food in Hard Times based at UCL/IOE.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

Morrow, V. and Gina Crivello (2015) ‘What is the Value of Qualitative Longitudinal Research with Children and Families for International Development?’, International Journal of Social Research Methodology: Theory and Practice 18.3: 267-280.

Chuta, N. and Virginia Morrow (2015) Youth Transitions through Livelihood Making and Marriage in Rural Ethiopia, Working Paper 125, Oxford: Young Lives.

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Morrow, V. and Uma Vennam (2015) ‘Those Who are Good to Us, We Call Them Friends: Social Support and Social Networks for Children Growing up in Poverty in Andhra Pradesh, India’, in L. Alanen, L. Brooker and B. Mayall (eds)Childhood with Bourdieu, Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Morrow, V., Yisak Tafere and Uma Vennam (2014) ‘Changes in Rural Children’s Use of Time: Evidence from Ethiopia and Andhra Pradesh’, M. Bourdillon and J. Boyden (eds) Growing Up in Poverty: Findings from Young Lives, Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Morrow, V. and Uma Vennam (2012) 'Children's Responses to Risk in Agricultural Work in Andhra Pradesh, India', Development in Practice 22.4: 549-61.

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