Women who always or mostly eat organic foods have the same likelihood of developing cancer as women who eat conventionally produced foods, according to a study by Oxford's Cancer Epidemiology Unit.

Kathryn Bradbury, Professor Tim Key and colleagues found no evidence that regularly eating a diet that was grown free from pesticides reduced a woman's overall risk of cancer.


People » Kathryn Bradbury

Nutritional Epidemiologist

Kathryn works on EPIC and the Million Women Study and is interested in examining the nutritional determinants of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Kathryn is also interested in the relationship between organic food consumption and cancer incidence, and the health and environmental effects of vegetarian diets.


People » Tim Key

Professor of Epidemiology & Deputy Director, Cancer Epidemiology Unit

Tim Key’s main research interests are the roles of diet and sex hormones in the aetiology of cancer, and the long-term health of vegetarians.