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Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity – Karolinska Institutet Workshop

Developmental Frameworks of Childhood Obesity

Conveners: Stanley Ulijaszek and Paulina Nowicka

Date: Thursday 27 November 2014

Time: 1pm - 6.30pm

Venue: 61 Banbury Road (seminar room), Oxford OX2 6PE

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By Kyle Turner, University of Oxford and Boyd Swinburn, Deakin University

The most comprehensive global study ever undertaken for obesity was just released and the need for serious population-wide action is no longer up for debate. The study’s key findings make for grim reading – not a single country saw a decline in obesity over the past 30 years.

Instead, between 1980 and 2013, the prevalence of global overweight and obesity increased by 27.5% among adults. What is even more worrying still is that overweight and obesity in children soared by nearly a half (47.1%) in just three decades.


People » Kyle Turner

DPhil Student, Population Health

Kyle's research focuses on how different environments influence childhood eating and activity choices.


Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine Michaelmas Term Seminars

Speaker: Laura Dawes, University of Cambridge

"Childhood Obesity in America: Biography of an Epidemic"

Date: Monday 14 October

Time: 2:15pm (coffee from 2:00pm)

Venue: Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, Seminar Room, 47 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6PE


The British Heart Foundation has published the first Coronary Heart Disease statistics supplement to focus on children and young people, presenting a wider range of statistics concerning their behaviour and health.

The statistics were produced by Nick Townsend, Prachi Bhatnagar, Kremlin Wickramasinghe, Julianne Williams, Daniel Vujcich and Mike Rayner from the British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group based at Oxford's Nuffield Department of Population Health.

Download the report from the British Heart Foundation website here.


UBVO Seminars - Trinity Term 2013

Thursdays 1-2pm, 61 Banbury Road (seminar room), Oxford OX2 6PE

Conveners: Stanley Ulijaszek & Karin Eli

Date: 23 May, (Thursday, week 5)

An attempt to act: practical implementation of best-practice guidelines, policy and innovation in the complex world of childhood obesity

Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College Cork