Archaeobotany Discussion Group

Date: Monday 27 April

Time: 12.00pm

Location: Danson Room, Trinity College

The next ADG meeting will be on Monday, April 27th at 12.00pm at the Danson Room at Trinity College.

John Letts will be delivering the following lecture: “Growing Ancient Cereals in the UK for Flour and Thatch.”

John Letts is an archaeobotanist, agronomist and farmer who has grown heritage varieties of wheat for over a decade, conducting experimental research for local flour suppliers like Doves Farm. His lecture will cover some of the traits and physiological properties of heritage varieties of cereals and how these can contribute to agricultural diversity and sustainability.


People » Amy Bogaard

Lecturer in Neolithic and Bronze Age Archaeology

Amy Bogaard’s research interests are in Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeology, looking at early farming practices and land use in Europe and western Asia, archaeobotany and palaeodiets.