Elements of the food system have strong linkages with issues of development, since developing economies are often largely agricultural, and the poorest people disproportionately suffer from hunger and chronic food insecurity.

People » David Rogers

Professor of Ecology & Curator of the Hope Entomological Collections

David’s research interests lie in insect population ecology and the ecology and epidemiology of vector-borne diseases, in particular the African trypanosomiases, dengue, yellow fever, West Nile virus and bluetongue.


People » Doug Gollin

Professor of Development Economics

Doug Gollin’s research focusses on economic development and growth, with particular interests in agriculture and structural transformation. His work brings a general equilibrium perspective to issues such as: sectoral differences in productivity; the impacts of agricultural technologies; the role of transport costs in shaping spatial patterns of development; the importance of small firms and self employment in poor countries; and the macroeconomic effects of disease.

People » Felipe Roa-Clavijo

DPhil Candidate in International Development

Felipe's research focuses on the negotiation of interests and agendas in the Colombian agri-food sector.


People » Jamie Lorimer

Associate Professor in Human Geography

Jamie's research interests encompass cultural geography, the geographies of science, the politics of Nature and wildlife conservation. His work explores inherently geographical questions that conjoin the social and the environmental sciences. He employs qualitative, visual, ethnographic and historical methods. He has conducted extensive periods of fieldwork in the UK, Sri Lanka and most recently the Netherlands.


People » Janine Aron

James Martin Fellow, Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School; Research Fellow, Centre for the Study of African Economies & Associate Member, Nuffield College

Janine’s research focus includes inflation modelling and forecasting in a range of countries.


People » Laura Rival

University Lecturer in Anthropology and Development

Laura Rival’s research interests include issues in Amerindian conceptualizations of nature and society, historical ecology, the impact of national development policies on indigenous peoples, learning and knowledge acquisition, and Latin American identity politics.


People » Liza Benny

Quantitative Research Assistant, Young Lives

Liza's research uses data from Young Lives to look at child growth and nutritional trajectories over childhood from a longitudinal perspective.


People » Maja Založnik

Post-doctoral Researcher, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, Department of Zoology

Maja Založnik is working on an Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food project investigating how changes in the age and educational structure of farming populations interact with changing pest populations to affect food security.


People » Manisha Nair

Lead Epidemiologist/ Health Services Researcher for UKNeS

Manisha Nair is an epidemiologist/ health services researcher for the UKNeS. She is also a co-investigator for two studies - IndOSS-Assam feasibility study and 'Effect of anaemia on pregnancy outcomes of women in Assam'.


People » Marco Springmann

James Martin Fellow, Oxford Martin School

Marco is interested in policy analysis and questions related to sustainability.