Food security in a globally-connected world will require better governance at all levels – local, national and international.

People » John Ingram

ECI Food Systems Programme Leader

John's role is to develop and lead food systems research within Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute, with particular emphasis on the multiple two-way interactions between food security and environment.


People » John Krebs

Emeritus Professor of Zoology

John Krebs is no longer carrying out original research. His interests lie in the relationship between science and policy, and has been particularly involved in policy related to the control of bovine tuberculosis.


People » Lesley Paterson

Senior Facilitator and Coordinator, Public Engagement with Research

Dr Lesley Paterson is Senior Facilitator & Coordinator, Public Engagement with Research, in Research Services at the University of Oxford. She is the senior advisor for


People » Mark Hirons

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Mark is a post-doctoral researcher working on the Ecosystem Services and Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) ECOLIMITS project. This interdisciplinary project will be investigating the linkages between ecosystem service provision and the multiple dimensions of poverty in coffee- and cocoa-dominated agricultural settings, focusing on Ethiopia and Ghana respectively. The project will use a range of methods to develop a holistic understanding of how ecosystems influence, and are influenced by, socio-economic, political and cultural conditions across various scales.


People » Max Roser

Research Fellow

Max Roser is an economist interested in long-term trends, living standards and inequality.


People » Michael Panagopulos

Knowledge and Communications Officer; Future of Food Programme Coordinator

Michael is responsible for coordinating the communications and administrative activities of the Future of Food Programme.

This includes acting as a focal point and point of contact for food research at the University of Oxford, promoting research, organising events, managing the programme finances and coordinating the food research network at the University.


People » Monika Zurek

Senior Researcher at the Environmental Change Institute

People » Paul Collier

Professor of Economics; Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies & Professorial Fellow of St Antony’s College

Paul is interested in governance in low-income countries, especially the political economy of democracy, economic growth in Africa, the economics of civil war, aid, globalisation and poverty.


People » Robert Hahn

Professor of Environmental and Regulatory Economics at the Smith School & Senior Fellow at the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Robert Hahn’s research interests are in policies that promote prosperity, broadly understood, within which maintaining an adequate food supply for the world’s population is a key aspect.


People » Stefan Dercon

Professor of Development Economics

Stefan Dercon is a development economist applying microeconomics and statistics to problems of development.