Good health requires a good diet, and diseases of under-nutrition and over-nutrition (e.g. heart disease and diabetes) are some of the major challenges in modern medicine.

Speaker: Professor Graham Riches

Date: Friday 24th October

Time: 1.00 – 2.00 pm

Venue: Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford, Room 211, the Rosemary Rue Building, Old Road Campus, OX3 7LF


Oxford University Scientific Society

Sheldonian Theatre

The debate will feature Gary Taubes (author and journalist), Professor Philip James (President of the International Association for the Study of Obesity), and Professor Sir Richard Peto (Co-Director of the Clinical Trial Service Unit).

This event is FREE and open to EVERYONE.

Doors open at 18:30; please arrive early to be seated.

For more information on the debate and to register, please visit the OUSS online:


Sugar consumption has more than tripled worldwide in the past 50 years, contributing to an elevated burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and certain forms of cancer.


Food and Behaviour Research presents a one-day conference on:

Sugar, Fat, Food and Addiction: New Approaches to the Public Health Crisis with Prof. Robert Lustig MD

Date: Thursday 10 July, 2014

Time: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm (registration from 9.00 am)

Venue: The Royal College of Surgeons, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A

FAB Research is extremely proud to offer this opportunity to hear from our highly distinguished panel of international researchers and expert practitioners, who will present and discuss potential new approaches to the growing public health crisis, focused on the latest evidence linking food and diet with behaviour.

Our central theme is the controversial issue of whether some nutrients, foods or dietary patterns may actually promote (or reduce) ‘addictive’ behaviours. Sugar has recently come under the spotlight in this respect, although the scientific evidence in this area, and its implications, still remain hotly debated.

Related topics under discussion will include obesity and other eating disorders, alcoholism and other substance use disorders, antisocial behaviour, and other mental health conditions in which impulsivity and poor self-control play a key role, such as ADHD. 

Presentations and discussions will be focused on both the latest scientific evidence and its broader implications for  policymakers, professionals, food industry representatives and the general public.

For more information, and to book your place, please visit the FAB Research website.


Panel discussion organised by by first year PhD students studying at the University of Oxford as part of the NERC Doctoral Training Partnership in Evironmental Research. Part of the Grand Challenges Seminar Series 2017.

Date: Tuesday 30 May, 17:30-18:30

Venue: Oxford Martin School, 34 Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BD


The 21st Symposium of Australian Gastronomy will be celebrated in Melbourne, Australia, from Friday 2 to Tuesday 6 December 2016. With our guiding theme of ‘Utopian Appetites’, we are looking with hope towards bright food futures.


Join us for the annual IFSTAL Public Lecture 2018:

Collaboration for Impact by Judith Batchelar


LIVESTREAMED LECTURE: Judith Batchelar, Head of Brand at Sainsbury’s and Member of the Government Food and Drink Sector Council.


British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group Seminar

“The mortality implications of rising obesity: insights from individual- and population-level analyses”

Speaker: Professor Majid Ezzati, Chair in Global Environmental Health, Imperial College  School of Public Health , London.

Date: Thursday 21st November  2013

Time: 2.00 - 3.00 pm in  

Venue: Seminar Room 01, Rosemary Rue Building,  Old Road Campus

All welcome


All talks are held on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm at Green Templeton College


Entrance is £5 and everyone is welcome.


February 10th: Professor Bruce Griffin, Biomedical Scientist: "Saturated fat, sugar and cardiovascular disease: the truth behind the headlines."

March 16th: Geoff Bond, Nutritional Antghropoplogist. "How to grow old without feeling old; insights from our ancient origins."


Unit For Biocultural Variation And Obesity - Seminar Series - Hilary Term 2014

Thursdays 1-2pm, 61 Banbury Road (Seminar Room) Oxford OX2 6PE

Conveners: Stanley Ulijaszek & Amy McLennan


Thursday 6 March
Amanda Lewis, Department of Primary Care Health Science, University of Oxford

Brief interventions for weight management in primary care