Social & Cultural

This theme covers social aspects of the food system, including consumer culture in relation to food, the history of food and the development of agriculture, interactions between food and other social issues, and the wider implications of food-related technologies.

Archaeobotany Discussion Group

Date: Monday 27 April

Time: 12.00pm

Location: Danson Room, Trinity College

The next ADG meeting will be on Monday, April 27th at 12.00pm at the Danson Room at Trinity College.

John Letts will be delivering the following lecture: “Growing Ancient Cereals in the UK for Flour and Thatch.”

John Letts is an archaeobotanist, agronomist and farmer who has grown heritage varieties of wheat for over a decade, conducting experimental research for local flour suppliers like Doves Farm. His lecture will cover some of the traits and physiological properties of heritage varieties of cereals and how these can contribute to agricultural diversity and sustainability.


  Date: Friday 4th December 2015

   Time: 10:00 - 16:30

   Venue: Oxford Martin School,University of Oxford, 34 Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BD


St Anne’s College, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HS

07th November 2018


A multi-disciplinary research conference on the effects of meat and dairy on population health, the economy, society and the environment



Speakers: Tom Curtis, 3Keel & Julian Cottee, 3Keel & Good Food Oxford

Title: Community initiatives for a sustainable food system in Oxford

Date: Monday 9 March

Time: 4.15pm

Location: Gottman Room, OUCE

The talk will be 30-45 minutes, followed by a Q&A session and then a short wine reception.

Everyone welcome.

The FoodPrinting Oxford report (2013) developed a methodology to quantify for the first time the environmental impacts and dependencies of food consumption in Oxford in terms of land, water and energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition it evaluated options for taking action at city level and identified groups of organisations and businesses able to act in different areas. Included in this options appraisal was an assessment of the productive capacity around Oxford’s geographical ‘city-region’.  A year later, a new organisation, Good Food Oxford, took shape develop the city’s capacity to coordinate effective food sustainability activities. We will report on the approach that has been taken and how new cross-sector collaborations have started to build on the FoodPrinting report to take on the complex challenge of behaviour change.


Date: 23rd May 2014

Time: Academic presentations 2pm – 5pm, Tasting Workshop 5:30pm - 7pm

Location: The Tanner Room, Linacre College South Parks Road, OX1 3JA

Registration required:

Food and foodways find themselves both under threat from climatic, environmental, and demographic shifts and at the same time more syncretic, dynamic, and cosmopolitan than ever.

In this symposium, we wish to bring new perspectives on food from geography and anthropology into conversation to better understand the construction, performance and imagining of boundaries between food cultures, and the practices through which they are transgressed.

Whether spatial or temporal, social or biological, the frontiers of food production and consumption have stimulated critical thought and represent lines of tension and reflection within the ongoing transformations of globalisation.

Bringing together empirical work from students and researchers in Oxford we hope to explore and interrogate how food might become ‘the epicentre of the reformation of our relationship to economies, cultures, ethics, politics and ecologies.’  Goodman and Sage (2014:6).

Sponsored by Technological Natures Research Cluster, School of Geography and the Environment and Linacre College


The Oxford Food Security Forum Lunchtime Talks Hilary Term 2013 on Global Food Security, organised by the student-led Oxford Food Security Forum

Speakers: Tanja Schneider, Research Fellow in Science and Technology Studies, Said Business School, University of Oxford & Javier Lezaun, PhD, Deputy Director of the Institute for Science, Innovation, and Society, University of Oxford

Title: “Distributed Governance and Restless Consumption: The Case of Novel Foods in Europe”

Venue: Queen Elizabeth House, Meeting Room A, 3 Mansfield Road

Date: Week 3, Monday 28 January 2013

Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm


The Oxford Food Security Forum Lunchtime Talks Hilary Term 2013 on Global Food Security, organised by the student-led Oxford Food Security Forum

Speaker: Julian Cottee, Cultivate Oxfordshire

Title: “Why Eat Local?”

Venue: Queen Elizabeth House, Meeting Room A, 3 Mansfield Road

Date: Week 3, Tuesday 29 January 2013 *NOTE: This talk will be on TUESDAY of Week 3

Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm


16-24 June 2018

Oxford Green Week is a city-wide summer festival which uses culture, creativity and community to inspire local people to take action against climate change

It’s a celebration of all things good and green in our city and aims to show local people how they can save money, get fit and be happy whilst being kind to the environment.

Find out more here


Annual Conference 2015

Culture, Food, & The Environment:  New Perspectives On Food Sovereignty And Security

The 4th Annual Student-Led Oxford Food Forum Conference

Date: May 2, 2015

Location: University of Oxford, United Kingdom

The full conference agenda is available on the Food Forum website and you can register here.